Friday, 5 November 2010

Girls are sometimes scary


Last night when my mummy logged on, I had a letter from a girl pet (no screenies/pics to protect privacy) called Tina, apparently she visited me when she saw me in cafe however that's quite normal since I like making new friends.  But I'm digressing; she sent me a note asking me to marry her??!!

Hells bells, I'm GAY!  So I wrote a letter back saying, I'm ever so sorry Tina but I'm gay and have two boyfriends who I love very much so and sent the reply back to Tina.  A few minutes went by, was drinking my green tea and unwinding when a reply from Tina back saying but but your a boy, your supposed to like girls!

I put my tea down, wrote yet another reply, saying this time I am really sorry but love girls only as a friend and go shopping with them (especially with Kooki & Sham) so sent that letter back to Tina and seconds later she had replied again! However this last letter really scared; she said, but we were meant to be together all eternity!

Eeeeeeeeeeeek, scary girl pet alert, so ran to my bedroom and hid under my quilt. That was how my mummy found me this morning hiding under quilt but she reassured me and gave me Bento Box for comfort so that's how I'm writing this blog this afternoon.  Hells bells, some of you girl pets are scary but not all of you will have you know however Tina is worse than Hideeni - that's saying something and all since Hideeni is pretty bad.

Toodle Pip

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Zombie Halloween Costume Party


I threw my party on Friday but extended it by a day so it finally ended yesterday (Saturday),  I think it was a huge success.  Now to reveal my costume.....

......ta da!
 Presenting werewolf Kibbles!

I was very lucky had loads of different friends attend my party, here is the invite my mummy sent out to my friends' owners.....

I loved the font she used because it looks like blood running down, so I'd like to thank that all attended and here are few pictures my friends took whilst at party - those with names in blue are links to their respective blogs.






Toodle Pip