Wednesday, 19 October 2011



Here is some new fan art of me that my owner order from forums so enjoy.

Kibbles by Tricks

Toodle Pip

P.S. My owner and me are going to a blog dedicated to our first fan art competition; first blog will show all entries except the winners then finally blog will the shower the winners - 1st, 2nd and 3rd :)

Monday, 29 August 2011

The Answer

Hey all!

Like oh my goddess; I totally forgot to write that two days after my last entry I got reply.

the answer
He said YES! So its official; Trevor and me are engaged.  Still to organise our wedding date etc etc but I am sooo happy. Short entry I know however too happy to write anything else, yes I don't mind "the stinky girlfriend".

Toodle Pip

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Holiday Adventures with Trevor

Hey all!

I am really happy Trevor came to visit me in London,  plus I have a few surprises planned for my adorable bunny boyfriend.  I met Trevor off the bus so we could walk to my home, with my mum's (Kat) lecture ringing in my ears, now be stay safe and be a good Kibbles.

Meeting Trevor off the bus

After a quick kiss, I took Trevor's suitcase off him and we took a steady walk back to my house. I was so grinning daftly because I was sooo happy to have Trevor over because have a few surprises planned for him. 

Having a kiss

Then we just quietly relaxed with a good old fashioned British cup of tea, we discussed what we would do whilst we were at my house.  

Having a cup of tea

Then Trevor has a craving for candycorn (his fave candy like in the whole world!), I had to explain he ate the last of it when he was last here and I hadn't gone to shops yet to buy some more however I was going to introduce him to British classic of Fish & Chips with Mushy Peas (fries to USA people). Though still not sure what Trevor thought of it, think he prefers candy corn! LOOOL

Trevor craving Candy corn

Introducing Trevor to Fish & Chips
Then I blindfolded Trevor, gently drove to us to the airport and we boarded a plane to India then when we arrived I removed it and went SURPRISE!  Trevor was totally and utterly stunned that I arrived a romantic holiday for us.

Arrived in India

We got to the hotel, we unpacked our suitcases, and we rested for a while to recover from the jet lag.  I went to sleep with a very happy and content smile on my face.

Recovering from jet lag

I paid an elephant owner to allow Trevor to ride an elephant, he was so ecstatic and it made me sooo happy to see him so happy.  I love making Trevor happy, it makes me feel so complete seeing him happy.

Trevor having a ride

After a few days in India, we flew out to Venice and had a few days over there.  The first we did was a romantic kiss near a bridge because I love him sooo much.

Romantic Kiss

Then I paid for Trevor to have a ride in a Golando, since I get seasick on them so I quietly watched him from the boat.   

Trevor having a boat ride

After our vacation, we caught our separate planes to go home and however I have a question for you; Trevor.


Monday, 8 August 2011

Royal Prince Club


My owner and me joined Royal Prince Club ages back, I'm one of Senior Members there so I look after the thread. It involves lots of fellow Princes, competitions etc and always new members joining which we welcome.

Every week we have a Prince who is the Prince of week and OH MY GODDESS; it was me this week.  Look at this lovely picture, I have 10,000 IS Coins to spend - fun, I love shopping.  I included a link to the thread in the title of this blog too.

Toodle Pip

Me has the chosen Prince for
Prince of the week

Friday, 5 August 2011

Attending Wedding


I woke up this morning still under my duvet where I had hidden myself the night before after attending Helmholtz's stag do aka bachelor party since I attended but I saw a ghost so I ran back home and hid under my duvet.

At Helmholtz's party but there is a ghost - eeek!

So today is the day my friend; Helmholtz marries his girlfriend; Pearl.  I pottered to my closet to check which tuxedo to wear, I have to look uber smart for my friend, can't let the side down you know what I mean.  I found the perfect suit so pulled out of my closet and decided to give it an iron since there was creases.  Here is me below all suited up, sadly Trevor couldn't join me (stupid random invite maker) however he told me to send his regards for him.

I arrived in plenty of time, I took a seat at a pew and waited for the lovely bride and her bridesmaids to make their grand entrance.  I made sure I packed plenty of tissues because I am a sensitive little creature, I cry all too easily, all well.

Helmholtz waiting for Pearl
Gosh, doesn't my friend Helmholtz look handsome, (Trevor, don't worry you have my heart and hold key to it!), then I heard the music change.  The bride had arrived with her bridesmaid and my stars they looked beautiful.

Pearl; the bride

Honestly, it was a wonderful wedding to attend and congratulations Pearl & Helmholtz and hope you both have a wonderful marriage.  Trevor, do you think we will ever get married? Tee Hee, just kidding and here is me congratulating my friend; Helmholtz. 


Toodle Pip

Friday, 22 July 2011

Update on Gallery

Hey all! 

My owner really apologizes for not writing but she had a job briefly which meant hardly anytime to play with me (Kibbles) however she lost the job which she was upset about.  

Plus she has no inspiration to do my blog at all, so fans of Kibbles' Blog please remember this there is a real life person (my owner) who writes this blog, real life must always come first for her.  In the last two weeks; she has been poorly too and is only recently getting better again however is some nice fan art she ordered for me!  

On subject of ideas of blogs; if you have an idea; please let my owner know via her Facebook, comments on here or on Playfish Form since she is very open to fresh ideas.  Good news though she has idea for this weekend to write but as I speak through my owner; my boyfriend Trevor and I are taking pictures for the blog.  I won't give any hints out but sure is going to be an amazing blog for sure!

Toodle Pip

Trevor & Kibbles by Miko

Kat by Miko

Sketch of Kibbles by Ann M

Monday, 2 May 2011

Many Apologies


My mummy aka loopylara from PS Forums and me aka Kibbles, want to apologize to all the readers of Kibbles' Blog for not updating my blog since February. Real Life has been super hectic for my poor owner and she been suffering from a very bad case of writer's block however she might have an idea in the works for me to write at some stage soon. Although I have some new fan art to show off so here there are and enjoy!

Toodle Pip!

By Freddie (Trevor's owner)

By Freddie (Trevor's owner)

By AngelQQ

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Gallery Continued (Part 3)


Some more pictures my mum has since received.

by Angeljb

by Angelius

Toodle Pip

p.s. hope you like the newest art and my mum apologizes to her PS friends that I been appearing unactive however that is because my mum has been busy helping her parents in garden however should be back to normal next week.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Romantic Date with Trevor


I decided to surprise Trevor with a romantic date on the beach which we did but erm to say the least we hit a few snags (if you don't know what snags means; it means problems) along the way.

said ring
We started walking along the beach hand in hand admiring the sunset then I went in my pocket to try and find the diamond promise ring to give to Trevor and said this to him, "To my adorable bunny boyfriend; Trevor. Will you always be my adorable bunny boyfriend?"  He said, yes which made me sooo happy!  But no plans for marriage since we are more than happy as we are just being boyfriends to each other.

Then we sat our table, just enjoying with each other then suddenly Hideeni gatecrashes our blooming date as I was starring into Trevor's eyes!  Trevor mummy's insists she hired Hideeni to waitress for the date but my mummy isn't convinced so I told him to hurry up and get lost!

Bad Hideeni

Sorry but I love and adore Trevor so as his boyfriend, think I'm entitled to want a date with Trevor with just Trevor - I know I sound greedy but still it is just plain wrong having Hideeni gatecrash.  I guess it could of been worse, my mum could of turned up at date which I'm glad she didn't; she slightly overprotective of me for some reason.

all loved up
Thankfully Hideeni finally got the message to disappear so we could finally continue staring into each other's eyes over the candle which was so nice but after a while I suggested we go into our romantic beach house room.

So we took a slow walk to the beach house room, enjoying each other's company and silence since we don't always chat since we love spending time - who needs words when sometimes just being silent with the one you love is just as nice.

said bottle
We just got in our beach house then Trevor spots the bottle that I put in there to keep Hideeni away, he remarks (jokingly please note, we were not arguing since we often joke around) erm Kibbles are you trying to get me drunk?! I just started laughing and said by goddess no, its not to drink and keep Hideeni away from us in here. Trevor is still looking at bottle and is unconvinced from what I could tell and I'm still laughing as I write this but all in good fun.  So there I am trying to tell Trevor without laughing that I'm not trying to get him drunk - honestly he is so funny at times; one of many reasons I love him so much.

silly Trevor
Then Trevor decides to try some of this drink, he feels sleepy and I suggest we go back to my house and he can sleep it off in my bedroom whilst I cook us something to eat.  So here I am writing blog awaiting the food to finish cooking whilst he's fast (silly boy but I love him) asleep.

Toodle Pip

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Gallery Continued (Part 2)


My mummy got some more art to show off so here for your viewing pleasure. So please enjoy, my mum is awaiting a few more so that is another blog entry too.

Toodle Pip

By Jane Kartawinata

By Miko^Hon3y3a3y

by tyako

sketch of Kibbles by Fifiloca

sketch by KephzZ; coloured by EnDi

by sketch of Kibbles by KephzZ coloured by Ilu (Illusionist)

sketch by KephzZ but coloured by Merchas

sketch by KephzZ

sketch of Super Kibbles & Kibbles by WingsLee

By chibitracy

Thursday, 3 February 2011



I brought my latest petling; he's panda called Xiao XiongMao (means Little Panda in Chinese) and he's totally cute.  He loves rolling around on his back or sleeping amongst the food in picnic.

I wish everyone in China a Xin Nian Kuai Le (Happy New Year) and a Gong Xi Fa Cai (May your life full of prosperous).  My mummy dedicates this entry to her friend; Miko (Miko^Hon3y3a3y) since she gave her the Chinese and did a beautiful fan art of myself.

Apologies for the shortness on this entry but haven't had much to say or any exciting adventures as yet however I will try to write in here.

Toodle Pip

Xiao XiongMa
By Miko^Hon3y3a3y 

Monday, 10 January 2011

The Dreaded "Talk" with MommeeKat


As you all know I am dating Trevor, so was telling my mum (MommeeKat; not my owner) more about Trevor and she told me he had to come over and visit her so she could give him the "Talk".  Eeeeep, was awaiting this day and dreading it since she never really got chance with Vampy since MommeeKat had just moved into Pet Society Town and was unpacking her boxes and getting settled in.

So I walked home, got my mobile phone out and rung Trevor to let him know that my mum requested to meet him and could tell from how quiet his voice went that he was nervous as I was but I told him that I will always love him despite what may happen in the meeting.
on phone

A few days after meeting, this is what Trevor told me happened when they met for "Talk", he knocked on the door but he was embrassed because he realised he was wearing exact same outfit.

Trevor apparently ran back home quick as possible to get changed because he didn't want to be same outfit as my mum (he cross dresses but he's so adorable girly as well manly).  He knocked on her door, she answered, lets him in and says do take a seat Trevor, be back with you in a minute since got something in kitchen I need to sort.

One quick change

However Trevor promised he would do his best for me which made my mum happy, so they quietly discussed other things amongst themselves whilst she was putting the cake on table. Then my mum asked Trevor to join her in kitchen for a drink and some cake since the cake she made was nearly ready, so she gave him the "Talk" to let him know that he should look after me, protect me etc. (was so embrassed when Trevor told me this, its only because I'm her only one but still!)

Oooo cake

My mum cut some cake for Trevor which he enjoyed, he said thank you and he promised to visit again soon but with me of course since she said the 3 of us would have to have a picnic which sounds fun I guess but kind of cramping our style however can't argue with my mum

Nom Nom XD

Then after Trevor left, my mum took a slow walk to my house and knocked on my door so I let her in. She told me she is happy that I found someone I love dearly and she gives her blessing for our relationship to continue (yaaaay!).

Her blessing given (relief)

After I saw her go back home, I ran round to Trevor's house and told him the good news!  Needless to say he's happy too, this is where I'm writing my blog, took my laptop with me to Trevor's house since wanted to share the good news with you guys too! So all is good in my world, till my next blog entry because want to spend some time with my beloved; Trevor.

All is good in our loved up world

Toodle Pip