Thursday, 5 August 2010

My House Part 5; Secret Rooms

Hello again, here is the final part of my guided tour of my house and I hope you have enjoyed the visit to my house.  However my house won't be open again for tours so I guess you will have to subscribe or follow my blog to see if anything new is happening.  Please, please remember these are secret rooms so keep it to yourself!

On to the secret rooms now; the first secret is the secret garden however I have changed that twice too because the first time the garden was all wrong but the second attempt is much nicer.

 Secret Garden version 1

 Secret Garden version 2

Now, please carefully climb up the ladder to my treehouse and that has also changed twice.

 Treehouse version 1

 Treehouse version 2

The next secret room is room of love since it's where Vamp Boy, Aliex and I hide from everyone and spend time together without interruptions.

 Room of Love

The next room is the band room since I'm part of a band called Your Mom (I play the guitar if your wondering) and there is 3 other band members which are Vamp Boy - singer, Kairi - drummer and MommeeKat - keyboard player. I have included two pictures; one of when its empty and another when we are jamming together (my owner thanks Kairi's owner for the second picture).

 Band Room

 Your Mom practising for concert

I have a garage which is the next secret room and that has changed twice too (I'm fussy you see, I know how I like rooms to be).

 Garage version 1

 Garage version 2

However the next secret room, you can see only from the garage and that is the grotto but I had to buy some fish for that and another expensive thing (there is before and after shot) to do where as in contrast for my aquarium, I went fishing for that room.

 Before fish

 After fish

Only three more to go so stop dawdling, dragging your feet and this is just a general chill out room where you can escape any stress.


The last but least room is my Secret Summer Garden complete with a Sakura Tree and Beanstalk plus two swings. Oooo there are fairies and a butterfly in here but then again it is a Secret Summer Garden!

 Secret Summer Garden

And finally we come too Aliex's outdoor bedroom; complete with Neve the leopard and you have completed the tour of my house as well as meeting all 7 petlings of mines.  I do hope you enjoyed your tour, please continue to read my blog.

 Aliex's outdoor bedroom

Toodle Pip

P.S. That was exhausting typing 5 parts of my house but worth it.


  1. All the rooms are cool, but Trevor absolutely loves the garage!

    He does have one problem though :( hes sad he cant chill with vamp boy and kibbles in their love room. He likes how pink it is :D lol

  2. The band room is so cool. What does Kibbles do in the band?

  3. Kooki, I'm the guitarist in the band

  4. Sweet! I love your chill out room :D Mintsy wants to chill in it :D hehe