Thursday, 5 August 2010

My House Part 5; Secret Rooms

Hello again, here is the final part of my guided tour of my house and I hope you have enjoyed the visit to my house.  However my house won't be open again for tours so I guess you will have to subscribe or follow my blog to see if anything new is happening.  Please, please remember these are secret rooms so keep it to yourself!

On to the secret rooms now; the first secret is the secret garden however I have changed that twice too because the first time the garden was all wrong but the second attempt is much nicer.

 Secret Garden version 1

 Secret Garden version 2

Now, please carefully climb up the ladder to my treehouse and that has also changed twice.

 Treehouse version 1

 Treehouse version 2

The next secret room is room of love since it's where Vamp Boy, Aliex and I hide from everyone and spend time together without interruptions.

 Room of Love

The next room is the band room since I'm part of a band called Your Mom (I play the guitar if your wondering) and there is 3 other band members which are Vamp Boy - singer, Kairi - drummer and MommeeKat - keyboard player. I have included two pictures; one of when its empty and another when we are jamming together (my owner thanks Kairi's owner for the second picture).

 Band Room

 Your Mom practising for concert

I have a garage which is the next secret room and that has changed twice too (I'm fussy you see, I know how I like rooms to be).

 Garage version 1

 Garage version 2

However the next secret room, you can see only from the garage and that is the grotto but I had to buy some fish for that and another expensive thing (there is before and after shot) to do where as in contrast for my aquarium, I went fishing for that room.

 Before fish

 After fish

Only three more to go so stop dawdling, dragging your feet and this is just a general chill out room where you can escape any stress.


The last but least room is my Secret Summer Garden complete with a Sakura Tree and Beanstalk plus two swings. Oooo there are fairies and a butterfly in here but then again it is a Secret Summer Garden!

 Secret Summer Garden

And finally we come too Aliex's outdoor bedroom; complete with Neve the leopard and you have completed the tour of my house as well as meeting all 7 petlings of mines.  I do hope you enjoyed your tour, please continue to read my blog.

 Aliex's outdoor bedroom

Toodle Pip

P.S. That was exhausting typing 5 parts of my house but worth it.

My House Part 4; Extra Big Rooms

Welcome back again soon, I had these 6 extra big rooms built by the builders because I needed the extra space plus was running out of room in my normal sized rooms!

The first two extra big rooms you come to are my personal walk in wardrobes and as you can see I own lots of clothes, shoes etc. Oi, kid! Put my wig down. Didn't I say at least once to keep your hands to yourself??!! Good gracious, bad manners.

 Wardrobe 1

 Wardrobe 2

The following two extra big rooms are my collection of plushies and my aquarium but you can only look through door for aquarium since I have only one scuba suit and we can get the final two extra big rooms through the plushie room.

 All of my plushies


Here we come to the final two extra big rooms; which are my vacation room at moment is a Cruise but has been a Safari and Arabian Nights but you will see pictures of all 3 vacations.  The last room of all the extra big rooms varies however at moment it is my diner for my friends and family to use. It has been a wedding reception room and a football pitch in celebration of the World Cup however there will be pictures of them too.

Vacation Room:



 Arabian Nights

Room that changes regularly according to my mood in that moment in time

 Wedding Reception

 Football Pitch (Vamp Boy took this picture since I was busy playing football)

 My 50s style diner

That's all the extra big rooms, will be relieved to hear that it is only the secret rooms left and remember there are secret.

Toodle Pip

My House Part 3; Floor 3

Hello again!

I guess we are all ready for the tour again to commence again, let's get moving again! Here we are at my room of stuff that Hideeni gives out that are collections.

The next room we come to is my personal gym/study since I have a threadmill in there as well a laptop which where I am currently typing this blog entry and Bob (my dog) is sitting under the desk.

The last but least room is Vamp Boy's bedroom; have 2 spare bedrooms since I have two beloved people stay over and if your wondering who that blue creature is, that is Fledge; my pegeaus - he is very special since he's very rare and special plus he cost me a fortune to buy him however he was worth it.

The last room on this floor is above us so mind out whilst I pull out the ladder to the attic.  It contains my hot air balloon, trophy collection, my everlasting jack o lanterns and supposed reliable teleporter since it is suppose to take you to friend's houses or somewhere random however I used it a while back and ended back in my living room so was very disgruntled at that!

Now we will only have the extra big rooms and secret rooms which are another 2 blog entries so stay tuned!

Toodle Pip

My House Part 2; Floor 2

Welcome back to Kibbles' guided tour of my humble abode! -giggling-

Is everyone ready for the tour to carry on, please remember to keep your hands to yourself and no stealing!

Here is the kitchen before I had a little accident (read blog entry; Disaster Zone);

My kitchen now and look its Leon the lion sitting in front of his basket however at least he's not on top of fridge;

Please do keep up because we have one more floor, then my extra rooms I asked the builders to put in since I needed more room and then we have the secret rooms so shhhh; you didn't see them. -smiles and winks at you.-

Next we have the old version of the beach but I am sad to say that got destroyed by a freak occurence; which I can't remembered what happened to it(my owner says may the souls that lost they lives in the Tsunami on Boxing Day 2004 find peace) so I had had redo the beach so the first one you see is how it used to be and the second picture is how it is now. 

 Old Beach

 New Beach; complete with Fizz the bear

Now to the final room of this floor, which is the flora and fauna room and I'm especially proud of this room since it's so pretty with the flowers etc and meet Marmalade; my other cat.

That's the second floor complete, so we will carry on in a few to the third floor then the extra big rooms and lastly the secret rooms.

Toodle Pip

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

My House Part 1; Floor 1.


You may of noticed I deleted the page called my house that is only because it was way too long for just one page so I am going to give you a guided tour on floor at the time so this is technically 1 entry but 5 separate entries so makes it easier to read.

So please follow me in an orderly manner, OI! No pushing back there - thank you, goodness me what is the world coming too!  Sorry, but I do pride on manners, please keep your fingers to yourself and no stealing from me otherwise I will set my petlings on you however you will meet my 7 petlings as we go on guided tour of my house so will introduce you to each of them as we come across them.

Here is my front garden (please note if you want to see the pictures better, click them and they become bigger); complete with  Blue Easter Egg Tree 2010, Halloween 2009 Tree, Papaya Tree, Cherry Tree, Eco Tree, Strawberry Shortcake Tree, Limited Edition Candy Tree (made my owner stay up for that free - evil grin) and lastly Valentine Tree 2010.

As we come to end of my front garden, we will be entering my living room so please wipe your feet since I don't want muddy footprints all over the place because I like to keep my place tidy!

Now follow me again please, do keep up back there I haven't got all day since I do have bed go too! However this first picture is how my bedroom used to be before I redecorated it.

This second picture is of my bedroom now and if you look carefully; you can see Tibz (one of my two cats; my other cat is somewhere in my house) and please make a fuss of him since he loves attention.  The wallpaper and door view changes to what time of day it is and also varies where you are so say if your in Australia and it's morning it will show sunrise or daytime depending on when in morning where as for me it will show night/sunset since I'm UK (England to be exact; hence St. George's Flag) Boy!

Is everyone ready to carry on with the tour? Good good, last room however do have the back garden to look at then that is it before we carry on tomorrow!  This is my bathroom where I enjoy having a soak.

 Good gracious, who was rude, borrowed my toilet and left they golden poo in plain site! Disgusting!

Now for my back garden and trees in this garden are Chestnut, Christmas 2009, Cupcake, Strawberry Shortcake (again), Honeypot, Pink Easter Egg 2010, Pine, Banana and White Easter Egg 2010.

That's all for today, we will carry on tomorrow with the second floor.

Toodle Pip