Sunday, 9 December 2012

Interviewing Cookie

1) What made you play PS?
My friends were playing it when it came out, so I decided to try it too! Back when the game was brand new.

2) What is your fave PS item? 
This can include CC & Non CC items Plushies! I collect them. My favorites are the WWF Spectacled Bear and the Dr.Pepper items

3) What has been your fave PS theme? 
Citrus week and this week's Adventure Time theme

4) Anyone special in your PS world? 
Yes lots of friends I have met on the forum who have been supportive to me both with the game and my real life situations 

5) What is your fave PS outfit? 
The cow goddess costume! I also like the citrus box outfits and this week's adventure time ones.

6) Whats your fave thing about PS?
Collecting items and playing with my friends

7) What do you like doing in PS? 
I collect plushies and display them. I also like to collect outfits and change my pet's look.

8) How long has your owner been playing PS? 
Since November 2008 I believe

9) What keeps you in PS? 
All the time I've already spent and collecting new and old items I like

10) What is your PS dream?
To own as many plushies as possible! I'd also like to own the cyber tattoos

Kibbles and myself thank Cookie and Lemony for allowing us to do interview.

Kibbles x

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Kibbles interviews Princess


1) What made you play PS?
I can't honestly remember why I started, I have alzheimers.

2) What is your fave PS item? This can include CC & Non CC items
If I have to choose just one, it will have to be the butterfly windchime, I have always loved it.

3) What has been your fave PS theme?
I don't love any theme more than the next, as long as there's good useable items, any works for me.

4) Anyone special in your PS world?
More than one person, I am very fortunate to have the BEST neighbours, although, I don't see Kibbles in my list, there's something wrong there ..........

5) What is your fave PS outfit?
It has to be the Halloween princess, it's purple and poofy and beautiful!

6) Whats your fave thing about PS?
It's flexibility, you can have a totally off the wall random house with strange things in it or have it like you would maybe decorate a normal house. You can choose to do everything or nothing at all and you aren't obliged to do anything, if you don't want to.

7) What do you like doing in PS?
Decorating, I sometimes lack inspiration or motivation but I do think I have a pretty snazzy house lol

8) How long has your owner been playing PS?
Since the 6th September 2008, although she has abandoned me a few times 

9) What keeps you in PS?
My gorgeous neighbours, they are the only thing that keeps me here.

10) What is your PS dream?
I don't really have anything now except to be able to help my neighbours as much as they have helped me.

Kibbles says thanks and he agrees on that something is wrong that Princess not amongst his neighbours; that concludes Kibbles' interview with Princess.

Ciao all
Kibbles x

Monday, 17 September 2012

Sleepover at Puchy's House


My friend; Puchy sent me an e-mail inviting me over to her sleepover and I said I will be there :D

Puchy's sleepover room
So I found my fave blue PJs and slippers; found my fave pillow too and I toddled to Puchy's house but once in kitchen she attacked me with her pillow so naturally I used my pillow back!!

Pillow Fight!!!!

But of course we only messing about, having a giggle because a few mins later after clearing up the mess we made in kitchen (ooops); we were all smiles again.

all smiles

On our way back to sleepover room, I decided to sit down and help myself to some tasty mac n cheese that Puchy had made for us and it was like yummmmmmmm

Yummm mac n cheese!!

Then we started rummagaing through her DVD collection to see what DVD to put on, me was hoping for the Tigger Movie giggles then I love Tigger.

DVD time

After all the fun and games, I was sleepy exhausted and fell asleep. Following morning I went home and wrote this blog entry so thanks Puchy for the fun!

All tired
Toodle Pip
Kibbles x

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Kibbles presents and interviews with......


My owner decided we should interview my fellow pet friends and their owners from the Playfish Forum for a few blogs;  since my owner loopylara been on forum nearly 4 years.

Our first interviewee is...  Gingey and their owner gingeylou

  1. What made you play PS?
  2. What is your fave PS item? This can include CC & Non CC items
  3. What has been your fave PS theme?
  4. Anyone special in your PS world?
  5. What is your fave PS outfit?
  6. Whats your fave thing about PS?0
  7. What do you like doing in PS?
  8. How long has your owner been playing PS?
  9. What keeps you in PS?
  10. What is your PS dream? 

Thanks for allowing us to interview you both and stay tuned for the next interview!

Toodle Pip

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Kibbles' Kitties

Hey all,

my mom is currently wide awake and can't sleep so she decided we should show off my kitties that I have and love.

Ginger Kitty; has two as you will see

My other ginger kitty

Black Kitty

White Kitty

Grey/Tabby Kitty

and not to forget my Trevor Kitties; has about 7 Trevor Kitties... basically a Trevor kitty is a blue kitty with a bunny tail and pink eyes since my beloved Trevor is an adorable blue bunny with gorgeous pink eyes.

Trevor Kitty!!

So that is my pretty kitties collection.... I have a few more dragons too so when my mom has some sleep then we might do another post.

Toodle Pip

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Special Plushies: Dragons


I had an idea to write about my special plushies..... so here are my dragons.... sadly the first one me got was a pink one. Like oh noes; major disaster since I HATE PINK.... me and my mom named him; Puff (V1)

Puff; V1
I got my mom to wander in to Playfish Forum; to see if she could swap Puff for a cuter dragon.... luckily we had a kind lady called Spiderwick adopt Puff and give us Bert in exchange.....


Then my mom sold a kitty a few days prior so we decided to ask for two more dragons.... this time we got a cute red one which I named Krimson but sadly we got another ruddy pink one.... aka Puff (V2)


Puff V2; darn it
So naturally I got my mom to go back to forum and swap again... luckily Spiderwick adopted Puff (V2) and gave us this pretty little purple dragon which me named.... Amethyst.

I know a random blog but I wanted you to meet my special plushies... next time I introduce you to my kitties.... then again I have to admit these dragons are cute and we are tempted to buy a few more but knowing our luck we get pink AGAIN.  

Warning when I do my V1 Ponies; that will be longer blog entry so break down by markings.... which are Clover, Heart, Strawberry, Moon and Sun

Toodle Pip
Kibbles x

Friday, 25 May 2012

Temporary Hiatus/Break


I am really sorry to say this, Kibbles' owner: Laura (myself).... is very sadden to announce that I am on temporary hiatus (break) with Kibbles' blog.  You will noticed my blog updates have been far and few between postings however simply due to fact I am struggling to think of fun, new creative ideas for Kibbles and his friends to do.  I do love writing this blog but to think of new inventive creative ideas is very challenging and difficult so in the mean time this blog will not be updated till I start feeling creative once again.

So if your my neighbour, have an idea, please message me on my Facebook.  Take pictures of Kibbles and your pet but you must tag me in it then I can attempt to write a story from there.

Thanks everyone for all the continued support in this blog, I hope to return to it one day freshly inspired but at moment, I have no inspiration and muses are not visiting me so for now this a cheerio for now.

Love always
Kibbles & Laura aka loopylara

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Most Recent Fan Art from Forum


My mummy ordered some new fan art and here it is.

Toodle Pip

P.S  Fan art from contest should be posting in the next week or so approx

Devlish Kibbles by Momo

Excited for Christmas Kibbles by millykins

Happy New Year Kibbles by Stormy

Christmas Card of Art Below by Miko

Christmas Dinner by Miko (Feat. Kat, Trevor & Kibbles)

Puppy Kibbles by Mrs_Hopper (one of my mummy's forum angels)

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Cookie Land with Trevor


Woah, an actual proper blog entry from me; Kibbles.  I woke up this morning hearing a clatter because postman been.  I run to the door and see it is a cookie, with a ticket attached included a love note from my beloved Trevor saying that he got tickets to cookie land. YAYYYYYYYY I love cookies so excited so I run to my wardrobe start planning my outfit and I chose to do my 70s groovy outfit.  Groovy baby! -giggles- Sorry slightly hyper because just come back from cookie land so writing this on sugar rush!

70s style Kibbles

I look for my car keys so I can pick up Trevor and we can make our way to Cookie Land for our date.  I arrive at Trevor's house and knock on his door.  He's already so off we go!!!!! Vrooom -giggles more-

on my way to Trevor's house

I get parked up, Trevor scampers off ahead and me quietly unloads some pressies I had packed in the boot of the car and put them in rucksack so Trevor don't see them straight away.  We walk into Cookie Land, we have a quiet little kiss before we explore.


We start exploring Cookie Land, I'm trying not to take bites out of the cookies since I love cookies however Trevor has given me a cookie to eat but I'm saving that for later.  So far this place is AMAZING then again I love cookies as Trevor knows so why he got tickets for me and himself.  I'm such a lucky neko (cat) to have an amazing fiancee as I do, then again we both spoil each other.

taking a break

I noticed that Trevor was side tracked by the cookies on the table so whilst he is sidetracked, I open my rucksack and drop off the pressies that I had brought and packed for Trevor.  However Trevor caught me just as I unload the last one and his face was such a sweet picture. I think I surprised him but as I said we both love to spoil each other.

Pressies for Trevor

Then I saw the trampoline, I went running on ahead and Trevor telling me to be careful.  I said sweetly you can always kiss me better if I do hurt myself!  I went on the trampoline, had a few fun bounces and Trevor kept an eye on me.  Really sweet of him to care so much then I do same for him.

Bounce bounce

We stop again, we decide to eat our cookies we packed since we needed the sugar fix.  Come on, come to cookie land and not eat cookies?! Wrong on so many levels.

Deciding which cookie to eat

When we eventually decided what cookies we wanted to eat; except yours truly went overboard and had 10 cookies.  I just LOVE cookies though I do love Trevor more just (joking) and they were sooo yummy and heavenly. 

scoff scoff

Sadly, it was time for us to leave so we had one last kiss, Trevor tasted of chocolate cookies! YUMMMMMMMMM!  Then I took Trevor home and I came home to write my blog so till our next date.  

Goodbye kiss

Damn I'm tired, me thinks sugar rush is wearing off.  I'm going to sleep for now, guess I shouldn't of ate so many cookies.

Toodle Pip

Monday, 6 February 2012

How Kibbles Came To Be

Kibbles in appearance looks different to his mom (Kat; my mom's pet) for a few reasons. Apologies on this story, none of this was my idea however idea credit belongs to my mom but did few creative tweaks since she knows I have good creative writing skills for someone who is dyslexic.

  • Kibbles has green eyes, Kat has blue.
  • Kibbles is a brown furry neko (neko means cat)
  • Where as Kat is grey furry neko

The story starts on a dark night; Kat is coming back from a night out with her girl friends and naturally she had a few drinks so she is slightly tipsy.

She comes across this dark brown neko male, he grabs roughly and takes her to a dark corner covering her mouth so she can not alert anyone to her plight. Kat eventually manages to escape her captor, albeit looking slightly disheveled and sad.

A few months later, Kat is feeling unwell and wondering what is wrong with her. She makes an appointment to see the doctor, so she attends her appointment and the doctor says congratulations; you are expecting a child. Kat is unsure whether to keep the child or give up for adoption since it is not what she expected and she does not feel maternal in any shape.

Kat later decides she does not want to abort the unborn child she is carrying, she moves into a flat in Pet Society Town and where everyone makes her feel welcomed.

Further down line (this is where my mom stops and I take over the story), Kat gives birth to her child and upon on looking her child she realises she can not let her attacker win and she will raise her child with love and compassion then names her baby boy; Kibbles.

Kibbles grows up knowing he is loved, treasured by his mom; Kat however one day, one of Kibbles' friend (he's 15 years old in my mind) asks where is your daddy? Don't you have one? Kibbles runs to his mum, wanting to know about his dad.

Kat is torn on what to do whether to tell Kibbles the sad truth or lie to him but looking into her son's eyes, she sees her attacker but realises Kibbles is not his son in personality but her son in personality since they may look the same as each other however could not be more different to each other.

So Kat makes two cups of tea, asks Kibbles to sit down and then she quietly explains her story. Kibbles realises how hard it must of been for her to leave the town she grew up in just so she could give her unborn child a better life and he decides not to trace his dad whilst having his heart to heart with his mom, he tells her that he is gay. 

Kat wraps her arms gently around her son; Kibbles and says she could not be prouder mom of him and she accepts him as he is. Kibbles feels so happy and relaxed that his mom accepts him and is proud of him.