Saturday, 27 November 2010

End of a Love Story


I am writing to inform you to let you know I am no longer seeing Vampy, it was a mutual break up so do not blame Vampy in any shape or form.

However I am still seeing Trevor but I am missing Vampy a great deal because he was my first ever love though we are still friends.  I refuse to go into the reasons why we broke up because that is between Vampy and myself.

I did mope around for abit, neglect myself because I didnt't wash myself so ended up covered in flies but I think I was entitled to feel sad because I was mourning the lost of my first ever love however Trevor, Kitty, Peach and Kooki among others have been round keeping they eye on me since they knew I would support.

However I am feeling less sad but taking each day as it comes, I am pleased to report I'm clean now!

Broken hearted me

So I would like to say heart felt thanks to Vampy for the love, memories and amazing 7 months we had together.  Part of my heart will always belong to you and all the best with Aliex.

Toodle Pip

Monday, 22 November 2010

Super Kibbles


As you most of you know I can not stand Hideeni especially after a certain bathroom incident (check my entry called Warning Hideeni).  Then my boyfriend, Trevor sent me a this awesome gift which is a carryable frying pan and it gave me an idea.

I decided to become a superhero but it only happens when I eat a certain food, can you guess what food it is from my picture below? A little hint for you, the food is in found in Cafe.

I transfer after eating this food (has anyone guessed what is yet?) into Super Kibbles!!!!

Introducing...... Super Kibbles (teee heeee)

My objective as Super Kibbles is to protect my fellow pets against the threat is Hideeni, my goggles let me find him quicker and if I want to chase him down quicker; I put on my blue rollerskates.  My frying pan is used to hit Hideeni over the head and teach him a lesson in stalking us pets.

Hideeni is a menace hence why I become Super Kibbles; I protect any pet from Hideeni and I send him back to the Mayor because Mayor can deal with it.  Anyways, I can't stop because I'm on protection duty at moment so laters everyone - till the next entry.

Toodle Pip
Super Kibbles

P.S. Has anyone guessed what my magic food is?