Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Flying Lessons


Halloween is nearly a week away but still haven't decided what costume to wear however will wait to see what new costumes come out next week.  In mean time, I noticed that there was a broomstick for sale however I thought I got one of them in cupboard - what's so special about this broomstick? Then I read the details on it, realising that you can fly on it, wayhey! I had to buy one, in fact I brought two, one for Kalaya and one for myself since I knew she would love it!

 said broomstick

Soon as I go home, I decided to learn to fly the broomstick, and so got ready to fly.  I will admit I was totally nervous and scared since had no clue what was going to happen.

 Taking off

Slowly but surely I started getting higher and higher, which gave me such a buzz but my mummy told me to calm down and be careful however I ignored her because I wanted to go higher still!!!  Wooooo, such fun this flying lark.


 Getting higher

As I relaxed on the broomstick; I decided to fly to my boyfriends' houses (Trevor & Vampy) as I got closer, and went to land; me started to lose control - eeeek, suddenly this tree came out of no where!!! Hecky thump, I crashed into the tree.   My mummy told me off for being overconfident and reminded me pride before a fall however I shoved the wretched broomstick in cupboard next to normal one!  I am sooo not going flying ever again, darn it!  I hate flying, that much is for sure, blooming things.

 Me crashing!

Toodle Pip

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