Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Introducing Bobo


Sorry, its been a while I updated but my mum had another blog to write (she says to check RC blog on Saturday and that's all she is giving away).

On Monday, in the petling store was Monkey petlings and I knew I had to get one so I did, he was fully grown just yesterday but he was orange when I first got him but made him red for different and named him Bobo.

Here is Bobo and myself below.

He's a very cheeky little monkey, Bobo loves jumping around and making a mess in living room, me thinks I will have to move him to treetop resort bedroom since a mess in there wouldn't matter so much.  But he needs his jabs before he can go outside just waiting for vet to come round and give the jabs then he can go outside. My apologies this is a short entry but my mummy is running low on ideas but she has a blog entry idea for me to do but wait and see for what it is.

Toodle Pip

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