Friday, 9 July 2010

Warning: Hideeni


You probably have seen me mention Hideeni countless times, the first few months before Hideeni was lovely since it was peaceful unlike now.  However that all ended sometime in October 2009 when the Mayor sent us citizens a letter telling us about The Great Hideeni.

 Letter from mayor

I was on my way to Butterbean's house when I first met Hideeni, he promised me if I would show him the way to somewhere that he would in exchange a plushie for my friends to have. I showed him the way to where ever he wanted to go that day, I can't remember since it's been so longer.

 Hideeni's first costume which made me sneeze and he gave out dog plushie which I never got.

Then a couple months later, I just finished shopping for the latest fad at that time however don't ask me what that fad was since I am unlikely to remember but I digress.  I just come out of the bank, there was Hideeni again but in a different outfit and he asked the same question again but to another place.

 Not sure what this outfit supposed to be but he gave out a reindeer plushie.

I had a few blissful months without seeing Hideeni, made me wonder if he had moved away and decided to pester some other poor folk but I'd just enjoyed the peace and quiet. However my peace was horribly shattered when I was just getting in my bath when I saw Hideeni and I screamed (like a girl, I am sad to say) since I thought I had locked my house.  His excuse was that he got lost, yet again needed more directions to somewhere else.

 his tiger of love costume, he gave out 12 different coloured roses which i got them all.

Soon as I had finished in my bath, I rung the mayor up to complain about Hideeni and ask if I could put in a restraining order against him but the mayor refused since he said he has a job to give out random items at different times.  So I am sad to say to this day, Hideeni is still out there stalking us citizens of Pet Society Town and you have been officially warned about Hideeni.

 his Easter bunny outfit when he gave out 14 Easter Eggs which I got them all.

Spaceman Hideeni (according to the gossip, he is either an alien or cousin of mayor or the twin of ? of the mystery shop) he gave out space themed things.

Football World Cup Hideeni (his current outfit), he gives out flags of nations that are in the World Cup.

Toodle Pip

p.s. Watch your back people, Hideeni could be anywhere


  1. eeep! hideeni :P
    aw he's cute XD

  2. Hideeni finally he got vacations and now is out of the game, but only temporarily.