Monday, 10 January 2011

The Dreaded "Talk" with MommeeKat


As you all know I am dating Trevor, so was telling my mum (MommeeKat; not my owner) more about Trevor and she told me he had to come over and visit her so she could give him the "Talk".  Eeeeep, was awaiting this day and dreading it since she never really got chance with Vampy since MommeeKat had just moved into Pet Society Town and was unpacking her boxes and getting settled in.

So I walked home, got my mobile phone out and rung Trevor to let him know that my mum requested to meet him and could tell from how quiet his voice went that he was nervous as I was but I told him that I will always love him despite what may happen in the meeting.
on phone

A few days after meeting, this is what Trevor told me happened when they met for "Talk", he knocked on the door but he was embrassed because he realised he was wearing exact same outfit.

Trevor apparently ran back home quick as possible to get changed because he didn't want to be same outfit as my mum (he cross dresses but he's so adorable girly as well manly).  He knocked on her door, she answered, lets him in and says do take a seat Trevor, be back with you in a minute since got something in kitchen I need to sort.

One quick change

However Trevor promised he would do his best for me which made my mum happy, so they quietly discussed other things amongst themselves whilst she was putting the cake on table. Then my mum asked Trevor to join her in kitchen for a drink and some cake since the cake she made was nearly ready, so she gave him the "Talk" to let him know that he should look after me, protect me etc. (was so embrassed when Trevor told me this, its only because I'm her only one but still!)

Oooo cake

My mum cut some cake for Trevor which he enjoyed, he said thank you and he promised to visit again soon but with me of course since she said the 3 of us would have to have a picnic which sounds fun I guess but kind of cramping our style however can't argue with my mum

Nom Nom XD

Then after Trevor left, my mum took a slow walk to my house and knocked on my door so I let her in. She told me she is happy that I found someone I love dearly and she gives her blessing for our relationship to continue (yaaaay!).

Her blessing given (relief)

After I saw her go back home, I ran round to Trevor's house and told him the good news!  Needless to say he's happy too, this is where I'm writing my blog, took my laptop with me to Trevor's house since wanted to share the good news with you guys too! So all is good in my world, till my next blog entry because want to spend some time with my beloved; Trevor.

All is good in our loved up world

Toodle Pip


  1. Am I the only one that cant see some of these pictures? Kibbles I am sad!!!! eeek :(

    -Love Trevor

  2. I can see it now (thanks for fixing it)! I love the last picture :D It should have lil Kibbles inbetween them though- hehe.

    well... lil Kibbles isnt so lil anymore :(

  3. It's so funny that Trevor was wearing the same clothes as Kibbles's mom. She should think her future son-in-law has great taste in clothes! Imitation is the greatest flattery, even if only accidental!