Monday, 7 February 2011

Romantic Date with Trevor


I decided to surprise Trevor with a romantic date on the beach which we did but erm to say the least we hit a few snags (if you don't know what snags means; it means problems) along the way.

said ring
We started walking along the beach hand in hand admiring the sunset then I went in my pocket to try and find the diamond promise ring to give to Trevor and said this to him, "To my adorable bunny boyfriend; Trevor. Will you always be my adorable bunny boyfriend?"  He said, yes which made me sooo happy!  But no plans for marriage since we are more than happy as we are just being boyfriends to each other.

Then we sat our table, just enjoying with each other then suddenly Hideeni gatecrashes our blooming date as I was starring into Trevor's eyes!  Trevor mummy's insists she hired Hideeni to waitress for the date but my mummy isn't convinced so I told him to hurry up and get lost!

Bad Hideeni

Sorry but I love and adore Trevor so as his boyfriend, think I'm entitled to want a date with Trevor with just Trevor - I know I sound greedy but still it is just plain wrong having Hideeni gatecrash.  I guess it could of been worse, my mum could of turned up at date which I'm glad she didn't; she slightly overprotective of me for some reason.

all loved up
Thankfully Hideeni finally got the message to disappear so we could finally continue staring into each other's eyes over the candle which was so nice but after a while I suggested we go into our romantic beach house room.

So we took a slow walk to the beach house room, enjoying each other's company and silence since we don't always chat since we love spending time - who needs words when sometimes just being silent with the one you love is just as nice.

said bottle
We just got in our beach house then Trevor spots the bottle that I put in there to keep Hideeni away, he remarks (jokingly please note, we were not arguing since we often joke around) erm Kibbles are you trying to get me drunk?! I just started laughing and said by goddess no, its not to drink and keep Hideeni away from us in here. Trevor is still looking at bottle and is unconvinced from what I could tell and I'm still laughing as I write this but all in good fun.  So there I am trying to tell Trevor without laughing that I'm not trying to get him drunk - honestly he is so funny at times; one of many reasons I love him so much.

silly Trevor
Then Trevor decides to try some of this drink, he feels sleepy and I suggest we go back to my house and he can sleep it off in my bedroom whilst I cook us something to eat.  So here I am writing blog awaiting the food to finish cooking whilst he's fast (silly boy but I love him) asleep.

Toodle Pip


  1. It looks like the drink worked! You were able to kidnap Trevor, my dear Kibbles.

    mommy will love him back :( he still needs to do his visits today... lol.
    -Trevors mommy

  2. OH i can comment hehe! ahh i think koalala would be spending V day alone lol, but shes fine with it:D

  3. This explain why you have Hideeni Repel bottle in you're room while everyone hunt Hideeni's duck suit xD

    P/s Trevor is adorable bunny

  4. Well, Trevor will be a walking anti-Hideeni pet because of that drink. Yay! And I couldn't blame him. Of all the bottled liquids in PS, that is the most sweet-smelling.