Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Holiday Adventures with Trevor

Hey all!

I am really happy Trevor came to visit me in London,  plus I have a few surprises planned for my adorable bunny boyfriend.  I met Trevor off the bus so we could walk to my home, with my mum's (Kat) lecture ringing in my ears, now be stay safe and be a good Kibbles.

Meeting Trevor off the bus

After a quick kiss, I took Trevor's suitcase off him and we took a steady walk back to my house. I was so grinning daftly because I was sooo happy to have Trevor over because have a few surprises planned for him. 

Having a kiss

Then we just quietly relaxed with a good old fashioned British cup of tea, we discussed what we would do whilst we were at my house.  

Having a cup of tea

Then Trevor has a craving for candycorn (his fave candy like in the whole world!), I had to explain he ate the last of it when he was last here and I hadn't gone to shops yet to buy some more however I was going to introduce him to British classic of Fish & Chips with Mushy Peas (fries to USA people). Though still not sure what Trevor thought of it, think he prefers candy corn! LOOOL

Trevor craving Candy corn

Introducing Trevor to Fish & Chips
Then I blindfolded Trevor, gently drove to us to the airport and we boarded a plane to India then when we arrived I removed it and went SURPRISE!  Trevor was totally and utterly stunned that I arrived a romantic holiday for us.

Arrived in India

We got to the hotel, we unpacked our suitcases, and we rested for a while to recover from the jet lag.  I went to sleep with a very happy and content smile on my face.

Recovering from jet lag

I paid an elephant owner to allow Trevor to ride an elephant, he was so ecstatic and it made me sooo happy to see him so happy.  I love making Trevor happy, it makes me feel so complete seeing him happy.

Trevor having a ride

After a few days in India, we flew out to Venice and had a few days over there.  The first we did was a romantic kiss near a bridge because I love him sooo much.

Romantic Kiss

Then I paid for Trevor to have a ride in a Golando, since I get seasick on them so I quietly watched him from the boat.   

Trevor having a boat ride

After our vacation, we caught our separate planes to go home and however I have a question for you; Trevor.



  1. Wooow!, congrats!! I hope he says YES!!

  2. Trevor says as long as Kibbles doesnt mind that he has a stinky girlfriend on the side... that is going to be overly jealous and probably throw stuff at him for marrying his boyfriend but not her :'( lol

  3. I think its his owner that makes him stay with this stinky girlfriend pet anyways D: For the sake of his owners relationship *blush*

  4. Kibbles says he doesn't mind and you made him very happy!