Monday, 17 September 2012

Sleepover at Puchy's House


My friend; Puchy sent me an e-mail inviting me over to her sleepover and I said I will be there :D

Puchy's sleepover room
So I found my fave blue PJs and slippers; found my fave pillow too and I toddled to Puchy's house but once in kitchen she attacked me with her pillow so naturally I used my pillow back!!

Pillow Fight!!!!

But of course we only messing about, having a giggle because a few mins later after clearing up the mess we made in kitchen (ooops); we were all smiles again.

all smiles

On our way back to sleepover room, I decided to sit down and help myself to some tasty mac n cheese that Puchy had made for us and it was like yummmmmmmm

Yummm mac n cheese!!

Then we started rummagaing through her DVD collection to see what DVD to put on, me was hoping for the Tigger Movie giggles then I love Tigger.

DVD time

After all the fun and games, I was sleepy exhausted and fell asleep. Following morning I went home and wrote this blog entry so thanks Puchy for the fun!

All tired
Toodle Pip
Kibbles x