Thursday, 27 May 2010

New Look

Hi again all,

Last week, on Monday the new items came out.  I knew I had to go shopping big time since I love shopping but I rung Vamp Boy last night for our usual nightly chat and asked him if he wanted to join me on my shopping trip and he said he would love too since we both adore our shopping.

The theme for last week was 80s week which is appropriate since my owner was born in the mid 80s and I had been saving my hard earned coins for my shopping trip since I received the flyer telling me what items were coming to the store.  I noticed there was some new outfits to be had and the hairdresser was in town so I rung straight away for an appointment since my hair was getting was majorly messy and out of control which is a pet hate of mine because I pride myself on being clean and tidy.

Old Look:

I woke up on Monday morning by my petling; Leon (he's a lion) and he was jumping up and down on me because he wanted feeding so I grabbed my slippers and dressing gown and went into kitchen so I could open the fridge to get out a lamb shank and I re-heated it in the microwave and whilst that was re-heating, I checked on Tibz (cat) and Bob (dog) to see if they were hungry and they were so went back to kitchen to find their food.

I fed my petlings, made myself some vegetable soup for breakfast whilst they were eating because I knew I wouldn't be pestered by them.  As that cooled off, I went to my walk in wardrobe to decide on my outfit which was my white jumper, jeans and trainers which I am comfy in and found out my wallet ready for shopping and got changed into my outfit.  I walked back into my kitchen, sat down and had my soup.

I left my house, locked up and walked over to my boyfriend's place to check if he was ready to go shopping with me and he was sitting outside ready for me.  I greeted him shyly with a hug and kiss but I do love him loads however I am shy but ah well.  We walked hand in hand to the shops, I told him I'd meet him at Cafe for our coffee since I had to go to Carlos (the hair stylish) for my hair appointment and whilst walking to the mobile hairdressers' I saw the most fabulous 80s rock boy outfit so I ran straight in and brought it - it was calling too me; well, that's my excuse anyway!

I just got into the hairdressers with 2 minutes to spare before my appointment, I told Carlos I wanted a total makeover regarding my messy hair and he reassured me he would make me look gorgeous and I asked him, if it was alright after haircut to change my outfit and he said, it was no problem. He saw my outfit but recommded occasionally changing my hair colour to suit the outfit I am wearing.

He worked his magic, wow I was impressed as usual (see image below) and paid him with a little extra since he did since a good job and all that.  I went to the toilet, got changed into my 80s rock boy outfit and started walking to the Cafe to meet up with my beloved: Vamp Boy.

New look:

I just got into the Cafe, the whole place went quiet and that made me totally paranoid since I was wondering if I had done the right thing by changing my hair by having it cut and re-coloured. However, luckily Vamp Boy came running over to me, told me I looked wow and he was amazed at my appearance.  I felt slightly better but was still feeling insecure with all the looks but he reassured me that everyone was used to my old appearance however they would get used to my new look.

Thats enough about my new look, I think I waffled on long enough and probably bored you all to tears by now but thanks for reading anyway.

Toodle Pip

P.S. Kibbles loves Vamp Boy (True Love Never Dies)!!!

P.P.S Here is a picture of Vamp Boy & me meeting in the Cafe having a coffee.

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