Friday, 23 July 2010

New Neighbours


I haven't wrote in a while because I been busy helping new neighbours move in and get settled in Pet Society Town (will be a short entry introducing my new neighbours) and Hideeni has mysteriously disappeared but that I am more than happy about!

I am also getting excited since in just over 3 weeks; I will be 1 year's old and I will throw a huge party which I will invite my friends and family over for!

I have had soo many new neighbours move in lately however will introduce a select few.  Please bare with me and my apologies if you get lost and here there are:


 Lily; she is amazing and she sent me a cake the other day which was so good since she made it herself.





 Aeris (he's wearing his invisibility ring)




I think that's enough new neighbours since I have loads more I could feature but I welcome all my new neighbours to Pet Society Town!

Toodle Pip

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  1. Hello!, i'm Kal-Chan's owner, your gallery is very interesting, Kal-Chan actually as changed again and now is the lovely and sweet pet always has been.
    Thanks for putting a photo of my beloved pet :)