Friday, 30 July 2010

Disaster Zone


I will admit that I'm slightly careless and disorganised as well as enjoying an occasional midnight snack since I love cooking for my friends, family etc.

Anyways back to this blog entry since I'm getting side tracked according to my owner and she's dangling some very tempting bento box for me to eat if I actually write this blog entry.

 Said Bento box, gimme gimme! I adore Japanese food and credit to Pet Society Extended site (Pet Society Extended; please note you have to register but its free!) which lists all IS and NIS items.

Try again, my apologies but I'm hungry and my owner won't feed me until I write my blog - she's mean to me!  Ring the PS cruelty hotline for I am being neglected and starved however I get washed regularly then again I hate flies.

I decided to go upstairs to cook some vegetable soup since I was hungry, I plodded into my kitchen and opened my fridge for the ingredients for said soup.  I started preparing the ingredients for the soup, put them in bowl and placed the bowl in oven. 

Whilst I was waiting, I walked in my garden to see if any of my trees needed harvesting but none did so decided to sit and relax in treehouse for abit.  

I walked back to kitchen, noticed the soup so pulled it oven and then set it to one side to cool before I ate the soup. I washed up my utensils that I used to cook the vegetable soup once I dried up and put away. I started eating my soup since it was perfect temperature to eat.  I went back downstairs to bed since I satisfied my munchies.

Following Morning

I got up the following morning to prepare food in kitchen for my petlings when I walked in that it felt wet around my ankles and was thinking what the hell??!!!    Then I had noticed I had left my fridge/freezer open overnight, that it had defrosted and flooded my kitchen - argh!!! I hadn't either renewed my insurance on time so I was out of pocket which meant I had to save my coins for new a kitchen, flooring etc.

So I got my mop and bucket out of cupboard to start tidying up the kitchen since it was in a right mess, once I finished tidied up I got changed to head into town to order my new kitchen to be fitted and also headed in the DIY store to pick up some paint and order new flooring.

That's how my beloved kitchen ended up a disaster zone and how I ended up with a brand spanking new kitchen.  My advice: DON'T LEAVE YOUR FRIDGE/FREEZER OPEN OVERNIGHT!

Toodle Pip

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