Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Hey Everyone!

I decided to redecorate my extra room 6 since previously it was a football/soccer field where I could play football with my friends.  I was celebrating the World Cup however my home nation (England) went out early but honestly I wasn't entirely surprised since they were playing dreadful! Makes me almost to be ashamed to be English but life carries on but there is a picture below of my football room and I'm modelling my latest football (Honest, I'm not vain!) kit.

 My football pitch

I went back downstairs to read the Pet Society News, which had been delivered earlier that day since that tells you about all latest fashions, fads and items that are available for TWS/OWO (This Week's Special/One Week Only) in town and whilst I was reading the paper, I was sipping my green tea.  I noticed with great delight it was 50s week since I adore rock n roll music and noticed in the furniture section that there was 50s diner furniture.  Then I knew straight away how to redecorate that room, I had to make a diner for my friends and family to attend and eat (naturally) in.  I ran to go my bedroom, get my wallet out of my lockable bedside cabinet since I don't trust Hideeni because I get the feeling he steals from us citizens in Pet Society Town but does makes you wonder if he is secretly the tax-man as hired by the Mayor or am I being totally paranoid??!!

 Pet Society News, which is delivered every Monday

I took a steady slow walk into centre of town however will admit it is a good walk but our mayor doesn't believe in public transport and my car is currently undergoing its MOT so I can't drive my beloved car into town.  Though on Mondays' it is ruddy difficult to find a car parking space since everyone who is anyone decides to go into town for shopping!! However I am digressing as usual and my owner has reminded me, I need to stick to the point but I get bored easily so sometimes I end up looking out my window or reading Aliex's blog (Aliex is one of my neighbours who I love to visit and bring cakes or presents round for) on the internet.

 Aliex on left and me on the right

As I was saying, there was a huge a queue outside the Market store - it was stretched all the way to the Cafe! I muttered under my breath, Blimey, this week's latest fad must be popular.  I decided to walk past, to try again later and walked into the D.I.Y. store to purchase the wallpaper, the light fittings and order the carpet to be delivered for my room. I paid for that little lot but jeeez, it cost alot and still had more to stuff to order to be delivered to my house however I knew the finished room would be worth (well, I hope so) it.

I decided to try again at the Market Store however this time I was in luck since the queue had gone down, me thinks the girly girl citizens or should really say "feminine" had decided to go shopping in Clothes shop and girls like that really scare me (Fluffies = scary). Okay, okay - Yes I know Vamp Boy has a feminine side but he is no ball of fluff unlike some of the girls around here!  I ordered the poster, table, chairs, soda machine and jukebox for the room and arranged for them to be delivered in the afternoon.

Now, I have finished my shopping so I decided to walk home so could make a start on redecorating my extra room 6.  I dropped my wallpaper off in the room but decided to see if my crew of petlings needed feeding, surprise surprise they did!  I quickly fed them, walked back upstairs and started pulling down the old wallpaper and I hadn't even got halfway through when the wretched doorbell rang! But turned out nobody was at the door, so took a slow walk back upstairs and finished pulling down the remaining wallpaper.  

Then I started putting up the new wallpaper up ready, I just finished putting the last bit of wallpaper when the doorbell rang again and so, I walked back downstairs and it was my delivery, which I signed for and asked them to follow me upstairs to put the new carpeting door whilst they were putting the new carpet down. I put the kettle on for some tea for them and myself and checked the paperwork to make sure it was all in order.

The workers had just downstairs, I passed them their cups of tea and they told me whilst they would go back upstairs to put the jukebox, soda machine, chairs and tables but they wanted to know where I wanted them installing in the room. I told them to enjoy their tea first before we would discuss where I was going to put the furnishing rooms and we all had just finished our much needed cuppas (British speak for tea, if you don't know what I mean by cuppas). I showed them where to install the jukebox, soda machine, diner table & chairs whilst there were doing that I put up the poster. 

They just finished putting the equipment in place, installing the equipment for me so I got my wallet out again and paid them for their time and expertises.  I waved them off, thanked them for the help and time. I decorated the tables with some food that I had cooked earlier (before I went shopping) to put on tables.

I am pleased to announce that Kibbles' diner is now open for business and below is the finished result. 

 My Diner
Toodle Pip

P.S. a picture below is of me "trying" to write my blog

 Me in my study

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