Monday, 9 August 2010

Shopping with Kooki


Kooki rang me this morning asking me if I wanted to join her shopping, I said I would love too.  I got ready quick as and made my way to her house.

I arrived at Kooki's house, she was already to go and she's the best girl I know to go shopping with since she gives me fashion advice on things though she thinks I should wear my beloved blue rollerskates less however I didn't wear them today!  

We left her house, walked arm in arm down the street into town and we stopped for a drink in the Cafe however whilst we waited for our drinks to arrive, I saw this spiked hairdo in the magazine which made me wonder if I could suit that looked so I asked Kooki for her opinion and she told me to go for it.  I decided to buy some hair gel whilst in town and style my hair once we finished shopping.

We both went into the petling centre, saw this new petling for sale which is dragon and we both fell in love with and got one each. I named my dragon petling; Hydra (my owner tells, the name comes from a water dragon that Hercules killed as part of his 12 labours, a Greek myth if your wondering) and that's number 8 petling however sadly I only got room for 2 more since our respective landlords (They are called Mr Play & Mr Fish) only allow us 10 petlings which is majorly mean!

We parted separate ways since there was other things I wanted to buy since I saw the most adorable warrior outfit so that means I can protect Vamp Boy not that he needs protecting, I'm just a romantic at heart.  Kooki wanted to buy a few things for herself which she will mention in her blog I dare say (Kooki's Fashion Blog).  

However we agreed to meet back up so we could show each other's purchases in my house, so we met back up at the fountain and took a gentle walk back to her house.  When we arrived back at her place, she gave me a little present for the fabulous day which was this super cute blue Jubble and gave her the biggest hug as well as thanking her for the beautiful gift and fabulous day.

In all it was an amazing day, I guess we were extremely lucky too since we didn't even bump into Hideeni! Here is my new hairdo (I dyed my hair again so the outfit would look right) and outfit, let me know what you guys think please and thanks.

Toodle Pip


  1. I am glad that Kooki and Kibbles had a great time! He is right to go shopping with her, she has the best taste! The new hairstyle is fantastic!! Shamrock thinks he looks very handsome!

  2. I had so much fun shopping today.

  3. Mr. Play and Mr. Fish... hmm

    sounds fimiliar- must be my same landlord :D lol. The dragon petling is so cute <3
    and I love your new outfit and hairdo!