Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Slumber (Sleepover) Party at Sham's


I had a phone call earlier this week from my good friend Sham inviting me to a slumber party, I said oh yes please and will provide cupcakes etc.  Sham promised to get the room ready for the party and she asked if I minded it spooky theme however I don't; after all my beloved is a vampire

 Sham's Slumber Party Room

I packed my beloved blue pyjamas, blue slippers, and made sure Azul (Spanish for blue and name of my blue Jubble) was floating behind me however before I left house I checked that all 8 petlings were fed and watered.  Thankfully there were, so I walked down the road to Sham's house and when I arrived at her house; I knocked on her door.  Sham greeted me with a huge hug and I returned the embraced back.

We made our way upstairs to slumber spooky party room, we started discussing about cute boy neighbours in Pet Society Town which was simply divine but I told her a secret that I do love another boy pet however Vamp and me are in an open relationship because as well as seeing me, he see's Aliex (one of my best friends and he's happy so I'm happy).  I won't say on here who I'm crushing on since I do not do public embrassment, it was bad enough Hideeni seeing me in bath!

 Discussing secrets and no, won't tell you!

Sham and I got comfy in the room, she suggested an idea of a practical joke to the Mayor of Pet Society Town by doing a prank call and I thought it was a wicked idea - sounds mean I know but Mayor refuses to get rid of Hideeni and you know how I feel about Hideeni!

 Laughing after prank call

After calming down after that prank, I got my face mask out of my bag and asked Sham if she wanted a pamper and she said no.  So I decided to go all green like the monster out of the black lagoon however whilst she asked me if I wanted to watch a telly later and thought sounded fun.

me in my mud mask

Once I washed off my mud mask, we got settled for the night to watch this good film that was on box.  Sadly the night went all to quick, but promised Sham; we would do it again and next time at my house.

 Watching film

So that tells you about our little slumber party but I haven't gone into detail because the rule is of a slumber party what secrets are discussed there; stay secret.

Toodle Pip


  1. Hideeni is a creep... how dare he spy on Kibbles in the bath D:

    Its bad enough he crashes parties and gets in the way when Trevor's trying to change >.>;

    anywho sounds like Kibbles and Sham had a fun time :D and both are cute in their jammies!

    -xoxo Trevor