Monday, 6 September 2010

Petling Update


When I got the newspaper this week, it was advertising bunny petlings for sale and I knew straight away I had to buy one.  So I pestered my mummy some more CC but she said I could have some since she said set some money aside for me.

I rushed out of the door, heading straight for the Petling section of the Garden shop, I brought my bunny and carefully walked home since didn't want to drop him whilst I was walking home I was thinking of names for my little bunny.  Then it came to me, I thought of the name; Blitz.

I walked back into my house, sat him down gently on floor in living room and he asked for a leek however luckily I had one in veggie rake so took it out and fed him.  He grew slightly but he was orange with red eyes, I was totally scared by his appearance that I dropped my camera so there is no pictures of him looking this. Luckily, I had a grey petling biscuit, I could feed Blitz so fed him but his red eyes were still wrong however here is a picture before I got my petling makeover potions on him.

 Blitz with red eyes

I rummaged in cupboard for my petling make over potions but first 3 potions were wasted because Blitz got lamb petling style ears along with blue eyes (only wanted his eyes to change), then on the second attempt he went to how he was when I first got him, and then on the third attempt his eyes stayed the same but those horrible ears came back! Thankfully with the last potion, his ears went back to normal and he got grey eyes - he's sooooo cute now.

 Blitz in mid hop

But I couldn't wait four days for him to be fully grown so rummaged again my cupboard for Instant Growth Potion because he belongs in garden rather than in house with me so poured a few drops on him and Blitz became fully grown then I gently carried him into secret garden.  Blitz had a sniff around, relaxed and fell asleep so I think he likes his new home.  That's my update on latest petling added to my household, that's 9 now and luckily Mr Fish & Play sent a letter to us tenants letting us know we can have 20 petlings now.

 Fully Grown Blitz

Toodle Pip

P.S. sorry if pictures don't work in older entries, my owner says she will get me to fix them another day.

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  1. Blitz is so cute. Love the name too! :)