Friday, 3 September 2010

Trevor's Birthday Do


As most of you readers know I'm gay, in an open relationship with Vampy and I admit I am currently crushing my friend; Trevor - he's the most adorable cross dresser bunny I know -blushes- however I am digressing.

I checked my calendar noticing that in a big pink heart on 31st August (day before my mummy's birthday no less) was Trevor's birthday and arghhhhhhhh I was like in total panic because I had no clue what to buy for him.  I locked my house up, ran all the way to Kooki's house (because we were attending her party together) since they are friends and he would know what Trevor likes, I know he likes pink but there wasn't anything special enough for Trevor currently in store.

 Vampy and me at Kooki's party; where we discussed what present for Trevor

However luckily for me, Vampy reminded me at midnight GMT that there was a special Limited Edition item coming out which was a Princess Merry Go Round, I agreed that it was the perfect present for him and gave Vampy a huge hug and kiss for the advice.  I'm lucky that Vampy knows Trevor really well since it was Vampy who introduced me to Trevor though I was really shy because I am a shy pet however we got on fine.

Trevor's birthday present

It was late night shopping that night so I was lucky, made sure I had plenty of coffee in cupboard so I would stay awake and not miss out on buying his present.  When it came to midnight I brought the present, plus I paid extra to have it wrapped up all pretty and for it to be delivered next day so it would arrive on time. I walked back home and went straight to bed since I was exhausted.

I got up, got ready for party at Trevor's house since he was sweet enough to come mine and I got a kiss so I guess I am sort of seeing Trevor too but I'm happy and that's important thing.  So I left my house again, making sure it was all locked up because of stalker (Hideeni) breaking in - do wish Mayor would kick him out Pet Society town but ah well.

I knocked on Trevor's door, Trevor answered said, "Do, come on in Kibbles." so I followed him upstairs to his party and whilst we were going upstairs, he told him how he loved the present and it was perfect which made me really happy!

 Trevor & me celebrating his 2nd birthday

He looked such a hunk in his little prince outfit, I had a hard time not drooling however sadly I did and was embrassed that Trevor noticed. Though I blamed the tasty cakes on the tables since I love cake!  We danced for abit and chatted too.  I had a fab time at his birthday party, I hope he will come to my Halloween party when I host it. That's all for now, until the next time.

Toodle Pip

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  1. <3
    Trevors going to throw a Halloween party too- if I remember :P because Ill be gone on that weekend. Trevor wanted to be extra hunky for Kibbles <3

    Now Trevor is dressed like a girly girl *rolls eyes*