Friday, 22 July 2011

Update on Gallery

Hey all! 

My owner really apologizes for not writing but she had a job briefly which meant hardly anytime to play with me (Kibbles) however she lost the job which she was upset about.  

Plus she has no inspiration to do my blog at all, so fans of Kibbles' Blog please remember this there is a real life person (my owner) who writes this blog, real life must always come first for her.  In the last two weeks; she has been poorly too and is only recently getting better again however is some nice fan art she ordered for me!  

On subject of ideas of blogs; if you have an idea; please let my owner know via her Facebook, comments on here or on Playfish Form since she is very open to fresh ideas.  Good news though she has idea for this weekend to write but as I speak through my owner; my boyfriend Trevor and I are taking pictures for the blog.  I won't give any hints out but sure is going to be an amazing blog for sure!

Toodle Pip

Trevor & Kibbles by Miko

Kat by Miko

Sketch of Kibbles by Ann M


  1. xD YAY <333 I'll follow this blog <33

  2. My art look so good in here o..O

  3. Whoaa that's cool. [: followed your blog! Would be awesome if you did the same, teehee!