Friday, 5 August 2011

Attending Wedding


I woke up this morning still under my duvet where I had hidden myself the night before after attending Helmholtz's stag do aka bachelor party since I attended but I saw a ghost so I ran back home and hid under my duvet.

At Helmholtz's party but there is a ghost - eeek!

So today is the day my friend; Helmholtz marries his girlfriend; Pearl.  I pottered to my closet to check which tuxedo to wear, I have to look uber smart for my friend, can't let the side down you know what I mean.  I found the perfect suit so pulled out of my closet and decided to give it an iron since there was creases.  Here is me below all suited up, sadly Trevor couldn't join me (stupid random invite maker) however he told me to send his regards for him.

I arrived in plenty of time, I took a seat at a pew and waited for the lovely bride and her bridesmaids to make their grand entrance.  I made sure I packed plenty of tissues because I am a sensitive little creature, I cry all too easily, all well.

Helmholtz waiting for Pearl
Gosh, doesn't my friend Helmholtz look handsome, (Trevor, don't worry you have my heart and hold key to it!), then I heard the music change.  The bride had arrived with her bridesmaid and my stars they looked beautiful.

Pearl; the bride

Honestly, it was a wonderful wedding to attend and congratulations Pearl & Helmholtz and hope you both have a wonderful marriage.  Trevor, do you think we will ever get married? Tee Hee, just kidding and here is me congratulating my friend; Helmholtz. 


Toodle Pip

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  1. Aw thanks Kibbles <3 Such a sweet blog, I hope you have happiness in yuor relatinship with Trevor too :3