Saturday, 18 February 2012

Cookie Land with Trevor


Woah, an actual proper blog entry from me; Kibbles.  I woke up this morning hearing a clatter because postman been.  I run to the door and see it is a cookie, with a ticket attached included a love note from my beloved Trevor saying that he got tickets to cookie land. YAYYYYYYYY I love cookies so excited so I run to my wardrobe start planning my outfit and I chose to do my 70s groovy outfit.  Groovy baby! -giggles- Sorry slightly hyper because just come back from cookie land so writing this on sugar rush!

70s style Kibbles

I look for my car keys so I can pick up Trevor and we can make our way to Cookie Land for our date.  I arrive at Trevor's house and knock on his door.  He's already so off we go!!!!! Vrooom -giggles more-

on my way to Trevor's house

I get parked up, Trevor scampers off ahead and me quietly unloads some pressies I had packed in the boot of the car and put them in rucksack so Trevor don't see them straight away.  We walk into Cookie Land, we have a quiet little kiss before we explore.


We start exploring Cookie Land, I'm trying not to take bites out of the cookies since I love cookies however Trevor has given me a cookie to eat but I'm saving that for later.  So far this place is AMAZING then again I love cookies as Trevor knows so why he got tickets for me and himself.  I'm such a lucky neko (cat) to have an amazing fiancee as I do, then again we both spoil each other.

taking a break

I noticed that Trevor was side tracked by the cookies on the table so whilst he is sidetracked, I open my rucksack and drop off the pressies that I had brought and packed for Trevor.  However Trevor caught me just as I unload the last one and his face was such a sweet picture. I think I surprised him but as I said we both love to spoil each other.

Pressies for Trevor

Then I saw the trampoline, I went running on ahead and Trevor telling me to be careful.  I said sweetly you can always kiss me better if I do hurt myself!  I went on the trampoline, had a few fun bounces and Trevor kept an eye on me.  Really sweet of him to care so much then I do same for him.

Bounce bounce

We stop again, we decide to eat our cookies we packed since we needed the sugar fix.  Come on, come to cookie land and not eat cookies?! Wrong on so many levels.

Deciding which cookie to eat

When we eventually decided what cookies we wanted to eat; except yours truly went overboard and had 10 cookies.  I just LOVE cookies though I do love Trevor more just (joking) and they were sooo yummy and heavenly. 

scoff scoff

Sadly, it was time for us to leave so we had one last kiss, Trevor tasted of chocolate cookies! YUMMMMMMMMM!  Then I took Trevor home and I came home to write my blog so till our next date.  

Goodbye kiss

Damn I'm tired, me thinks sugar rush is wearing off.  I'm going to sleep for now, guess I shouldn't of ate so many cookies.

Toodle Pip


  1. awwwwww............... I Love This Blog...... OMG So Cute <3

  2. I want cookies now. XD