Monday, 6 February 2012

How Kibbles Came To Be

Kibbles in appearance looks different to his mom (Kat; my mom's pet) for a few reasons. Apologies on this story, none of this was my idea however idea credit belongs to my mom but did few creative tweaks since she knows I have good creative writing skills for someone who is dyslexic.

  • Kibbles has green eyes, Kat has blue.
  • Kibbles is a brown furry neko (neko means cat)
  • Where as Kat is grey furry neko

The story starts on a dark night; Kat is coming back from a night out with her girl friends and naturally she had a few drinks so she is slightly tipsy.

She comes across this dark brown neko male, he grabs roughly and takes her to a dark corner covering her mouth so she can not alert anyone to her plight. Kat eventually manages to escape her captor, albeit looking slightly disheveled and sad.

A few months later, Kat is feeling unwell and wondering what is wrong with her. She makes an appointment to see the doctor, so she attends her appointment and the doctor says congratulations; you are expecting a child. Kat is unsure whether to keep the child or give up for adoption since it is not what she expected and she does not feel maternal in any shape.

Kat later decides she does not want to abort the unborn child she is carrying, she moves into a flat in Pet Society Town and where everyone makes her feel welcomed.

Further down line (this is where my mom stops and I take over the story), Kat gives birth to her child and upon on looking her child she realises she can not let her attacker win and she will raise her child with love and compassion then names her baby boy; Kibbles.

Kibbles grows up knowing he is loved, treasured by his mom; Kat however one day, one of Kibbles' friend (he's 15 years old in my mind) asks where is your daddy? Don't you have one? Kibbles runs to his mum, wanting to know about his dad.

Kat is torn on what to do whether to tell Kibbles the sad truth or lie to him but looking into her son's eyes, she sees her attacker but realises Kibbles is not his son in personality but her son in personality since they may look the same as each other however could not be more different to each other.

So Kat makes two cups of tea, asks Kibbles to sit down and then she quietly explains her story. Kibbles realises how hard it must of been for her to leave the town she grew up in just so she could give her unborn child a better life and he decides not to trace his dad whilst having his heart to heart with his mom, he tells her that he is gay. 

Kat wraps her arms gently around her son; Kibbles and says she could not be prouder mom of him and she accepts him as he is. Kibbles feels so happy and relaxed that his mom accepts him and is proud of him.

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