Friday, 25 May 2012

Temporary Hiatus/Break


I am really sorry to say this, Kibbles' owner: Laura (myself).... is very sadden to announce that I am on temporary hiatus (break) with Kibbles' blog.  You will noticed my blog updates have been far and few between postings however simply due to fact I am struggling to think of fun, new creative ideas for Kibbles and his friends to do.  I do love writing this blog but to think of new inventive creative ideas is very challenging and difficult so in the mean time this blog will not be updated till I start feeling creative once again.

So if your my neighbour, have an idea, please message me on my Facebook.  Take pictures of Kibbles and your pet but you must tag me in it then I can attempt to write a story from there.

Thanks everyone for all the continued support in this blog, I hope to return to it one day freshly inspired but at moment, I have no inspiration and muses are not visiting me so for now this a cheerio for now.

Love always
Kibbles & Laura aka loopylara

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