Thursday, 28 June 2012

Special Plushies: Dragons


I had an idea to write about my special plushies..... so here are my dragons.... sadly the first one me got was a pink one. Like oh noes; major disaster since I HATE PINK.... me and my mom named him; Puff (V1)

Puff; V1
I got my mom to wander in to Playfish Forum; to see if she could swap Puff for a cuter dragon.... luckily we had a kind lady called Spiderwick adopt Puff and give us Bert in exchange.....


Then my mom sold a kitty a few days prior so we decided to ask for two more dragons.... this time we got a cute red one which I named Krimson but sadly we got another ruddy pink one.... aka Puff (V2)


Puff V2; darn it
So naturally I got my mom to go back to forum and swap again... luckily Spiderwick adopted Puff (V2) and gave us this pretty little purple dragon which me named.... Amethyst.

I know a random blog but I wanted you to meet my special plushies... next time I introduce you to my kitties.... then again I have to admit these dragons are cute and we are tempted to buy a few more but knowing our luck we get pink AGAIN.  

Warning when I do my V1 Ponies; that will be longer blog entry so break down by markings.... which are Clover, Heart, Strawberry, Moon and Sun

Toodle Pip
Kibbles x


  1. Cute Blog, I can't wait to read the pony post and I like Krimson! :)

  2. Nice dragons, and good to see Kibbles posting again :)