Sunday, 9 December 2012

Interviewing Cookie

1) What made you play PS?
My friends were playing it when it came out, so I decided to try it too! Back when the game was brand new.

2) What is your fave PS item? 
This can include CC & Non CC items Plushies! I collect them. My favorites are the WWF Spectacled Bear and the Dr.Pepper items

3) What has been your fave PS theme? 
Citrus week and this week's Adventure Time theme

4) Anyone special in your PS world? 
Yes lots of friends I have met on the forum who have been supportive to me both with the game and my real life situations 

5) What is your fave PS outfit? 
The cow goddess costume! I also like the citrus box outfits and this week's adventure time ones.

6) Whats your fave thing about PS?
Collecting items and playing with my friends

7) What do you like doing in PS? 
I collect plushies and display them. I also like to collect outfits and change my pet's look.

8) How long has your owner been playing PS? 
Since November 2008 I believe

9) What keeps you in PS? 
All the time I've already spent and collecting new and old items I like

10) What is your PS dream?
To own as many plushies as possible! I'd also like to own the cyber tattoos

Kibbles and myself thank Cookie and Lemony for allowing us to do interview.

Kibbles x


  1. Nice interview! I'm looking forward to the next one! :)

  2. petsocietystar1012 January 2013 at 21:23

    awesome interview!

  3. Happy Valentine's Day Kibbles! :)