Monday, 15 April 2013

A Sad Goodbye....

Happier Times.
Kibbles and myself (loopylara from Playfish Forum) say a very sad goodbye for my owner read on the forum on the 14th June 2013; that they are officially closing down Pet Society and will no longer around.

Talking as the owner of Kibbles; I suffer from depression; this game has stopped me several times from being badly depressed and feeling so fed up; without this game I am not sure how I will cope; since honestly do not play any other games on Facebook (only 3 other games).  I am writing this whilst my hardest not to cry my eyes out.  Basically this is last entry in Kibbles' Blog; I know I haven't updated in ages however real life has kept me busy plus I haven't had much inspiration to write.  Though ironically noticed that this blog closes around same time I started writing Kibbles' Blog; thank you for all the hits and I shall keep this blog open as a memory to happier times.

Love always
Kibbles & his owner; loopylara


  1. It'll be very sad to see my pet go, but I'm glad we all had fun <3 are you going to continue to play until June 15th?

    And you should really look into webkinz, I think that's what im gonna start playing now. And it'll like never close

  2. Goodbye Kibbles. :'(

    I agree this game has helped me so much with stuff in RL. I'm so sad about this. Best of luck with everything! <3