Tuesday, 29 June 2010

First Date

Hey'll again

I was just reading a flyer that had been posted through my door, was excited to see that the fun fair was coming to town so I immediately rung Vamp Boy since we hadn't our first official date and asked if he would like a first date at the funfair. He accepted, so we agreed on a time to meet up at the fun fair; which was at 7pm at Park Gates'.

I had to make plans on what to wear, not something to smart since we going to the fair and I didn't want to appear over the top.  I was throwing out tops out of wardrobe left, right and centre since I couldn't make my mind up on what to wear but I decided to take a shower. I could have a nice shower whilst deciding on my top since I knew I would wear my beloved jeans.

I got out of the shower, took a slow walk to my wardrobe and saw my beloved red t-shirt then I knew straight away that was the t-shirt I had to wear so I grabbed it.  Walked into my bedroom, dried my hair and styled my hair so it looked nice since I like to look good - I'm not vain, it's called pride - honest!

My outfit for my date (sadly I got a cow-lick in my hair).

I locked my door, I walked up the road to meet Vamp Boy at the fun fair gates and made sure I had enough in my wallet to buy food and anything else we might want.  I just arrived at the gates, Vamp was waving at me and I walked over giving him a huge hug and kiss on cheek since I'm generally affectionate little creature (well, I think so).

 Meeting Vamp Boy at Gates

We walked in together hand in hand to the fun fair, I paid for two tickets and 125 tokens for any rides or games we may want go on.  I packed my camera with me so I could take pictures which I thought would be nice, something to remember our fun date by.  Then I spotted the cutout where you can stick your head through and become a witch; Vamp encouraged me to go behind it and he would a take picture of it with my camera but then we would switch places and I'd take a picture (see below) of him.

 Me being a witch, much to delight of Vamp Boy

 Vamp Boy being a witch which made him look cute.

I saw a booth where you could win stuffed toys, bumper cars, merry go round, Popcorn booth, Candy Floss for sale and Lemonade to drink.  Vamp and I started discussing what we would do at the fair, Vamp asked if it was OK for him to buy me some candy floss and I said it was fine since its one of the few sweet treats I enjoy.

 Vamp & me enjoy our Candy Floss

As Vamp Boy finished his candy floss, I walked to the booth where you could win plushies and I handed the guy 20 tokens.  My first attempt at knocking the skittles over, I totally and completely missed which made Vamp laugh.

 Me attempting to win a plushie.

I handed over another 20 tokens to the man in the booth, tried again for a second time, and I managed to knock over 2 of the skittles however I tried again and I managed to knock them all.  Asked Vamp Boy to choose which plushie he wanted since I wanted to win the plushie for him.

 the plushie Vamp chose

Then we walked over to the bumper cars, decided to bump each other but I drove mine backwards since I am hopeless in them however Vamp is a much better driver than me and he kept bumping me - I didn't mind since we were having fun together.

 Vamp Boy bumping my bumper car and me laughing since it was fun.

Then after that we decided to call it a night, maybe come back another night before the fair leaves town but before we left I treated Vamp to some popcorn since he was drooling over it - one of his fave sweet treats.  We walked home together, I promised Vamp that I'd ring him soon as I got home to let him know I got home safe and waved bye to him.  I just got in, put the kettle for a hot chocolate, pulling a mug down for cupboard and poured my hot chocolate whilst that was cooling, I rang Vamp Boy letting him know I got home safe and sound and bid him good night.

 Buying Vamp popcorn.

Toodle Pip

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