Saturday, 26 June 2010

How I met Vamp Boy

Hey'll again,

I thought to write the story how I met Vamp Boy if anyone is interested.  I was sitting at home reading: Pet Society News which comes out on Monday with flyers detailing the latest new items.  When my phone rang, I answered, it was Kalaya inviting me round for a hot chocolate and a chat. I told her, I would be there soon as I fed my petlings (greedy little creatures but never mind), left my house and locked up but somehow Hideeni still manages to get in - annoying stalker!

I started making my way to Kalaya's oak tree since she lives in the magical forest which is nearby (not to far to go luckily), I knocked on her door and she gave me a huge hug (she gives amazing hugs).  We walked to her garden since thats where we normally have a drink and a chat.  We started discussing my lack of a partner over a cup of hot chocolate with marshallows since she has a beauitful girlfriend called Kairi however I don't swing that way, I generally prefer my males. I told her there is a severe lack of gay male pets in my street which makes me quite sad since I do love sharing my company because at moment all I have is my mum, countless friends and petlings who I enjoy looking after but still I want to share my heart with someone special though my shyness is hard for me to find someone special.

 Kalaya and me having a cup of hot chocolate.

Then Kalaya suggested that she could try use her powers to find a match for myself and I agreed, saying I trust her judgement on these things.  Her powers ended up channelling Vamp Boy, we decided she would use her powers to get him to come over the following day so Vamp Boy and myself could meet up.

The Following Day

I arrived at Kalaya's house again, but I was shaking with nerves though thankfully Kalaya had a me a cup of Green Tea to calm me down. Just I had finished my cup of tea, Vamp Boy arrived and he gave Kalaya a hug (like I do, which I noted with smile since I love affection).  However I dropped my cup with nerves, I apologised to Kalaya for breaking one of her cups and she said not to worry.  Vamp Boy walked over, he said hi shyly but I stammered and stuttered out a hi back however if I'm honest I looked at my feet (I suffer terribly from shyness and its most annoying at times)!

 Kalaya, myself & Vamp Boy

However Kalaya went back into her kitchen, to make some more Green Tea and Vamp and I started slowly opening up about things we like to do.  I found out we both love shopping, cooking, sending presents to our friends, which was good and I told him where I live as well as telling him that he is welcome to pop round for a cup of tea.

That was the beginning of our friendship, gradually over time we started opening up more and we exchanged presents with each other - which was fun since we both love shopping and we sent each other food parcels too.  A few weeks later, we decided to become a couple and we both thankfully to Kalaya to introducing us - you can say that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Toodle Pip

P.S. a pic of the happy couple

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  1. I wish you happiness!
    let all your dreams come true...!