Wednesday, 4 August 2010

My House Part 1; Floor 1.


You may of noticed I deleted the page called my house that is only because it was way too long for just one page so I am going to give you a guided tour on floor at the time so this is technically 1 entry but 5 separate entries so makes it easier to read.

So please follow me in an orderly manner, OI! No pushing back there - thank you, goodness me what is the world coming too!  Sorry, but I do pride on manners, please keep your fingers to yourself and no stealing from me otherwise I will set my petlings on you however you will meet my 7 petlings as we go on guided tour of my house so will introduce you to each of them as we come across them.

Here is my front garden (please note if you want to see the pictures better, click them and they become bigger); complete with  Blue Easter Egg Tree 2010, Halloween 2009 Tree, Papaya Tree, Cherry Tree, Eco Tree, Strawberry Shortcake Tree, Limited Edition Candy Tree (made my owner stay up for that free - evil grin) and lastly Valentine Tree 2010.

As we come to end of my front garden, we will be entering my living room so please wipe your feet since I don't want muddy footprints all over the place because I like to keep my place tidy!

Now follow me again please, do keep up back there I haven't got all day since I do have bed go too! However this first picture is how my bedroom used to be before I redecorated it.

This second picture is of my bedroom now and if you look carefully; you can see Tibz (one of my two cats; my other cat is somewhere in my house) and please make a fuss of him since he loves attention.  The wallpaper and door view changes to what time of day it is and also varies where you are so say if your in Australia and it's morning it will show sunrise or daytime depending on when in morning where as for me it will show night/sunset since I'm UK (England to be exact; hence St. George's Flag) Boy!

Is everyone ready to carry on with the tour? Good good, last room however do have the back garden to look at then that is it before we carry on tomorrow!  This is my bathroom where I enjoy having a soak.

 Good gracious, who was rude, borrowed my toilet and left they golden poo in plain site! Disgusting!

Now for my back garden and trees in this garden are Chestnut, Christmas 2009, Cupcake, Strawberry Shortcake (again), Honeypot, Pink Easter Egg 2010, Pine, Banana and White Easter Egg 2010.

That's all for today, we will carry on tomorrow with the second floor.

Toodle Pip

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