Friday, 20 August 2010

Birthday Boy


Earlier this week (Mon 16th Aug) it was my birthday, I am now officially 1 years old - wayhey! My owner last week promised me that I could have a party inviting all my friends and new people to attend my party which made me happy since I love throwing parties.

 my party invite, that I posted (my owner thanks Sham's owner for making it)

Last week I ordered my party supplies so I could redecorate, temporarily removing my diner however times change and things move on, sadly I neglected my petlings (will do another blog entry at some stage, introducing my petlings since I got some more) and they ran away but luckily my friend, Trevor (sighing and blushing so but he is so cute and looks even nicer when he dresses "manly) found them for me.

 My party room

Monday came, I woke up sooo excited and hyper since it was my birthday, and I went straight to get my hair geled  for a spiked look and then change into my birthday party outfit since I had lots people confirm that they would attend because it wouldn't do for them to see them in my pyjamas!

 my party outfit

I had just finished eating my breakfast when I heard the door go which I thought was unusual since normally the postman posts my post through door so I answered the door to him, he told to sign for the parcels and he wished me happy birthday but once all the paperwork was sorted through, he dropped them on by my door.

 ooooo presents (thanks everyone)

I was totally and completely amazed at the amount of presents that were there, so here is thanks to the following friends who sent me a present: Snowy, Minara, Bahloo, Meridi, Vampy, Pinky, Gigu, Kooki, Peach, Chicklet, Sham, AJ, Sativa, Piper, Jemma, X1aOCuTiE, Cinderella, Bizous, Salem, Bolt, Doris, Kitty, MommeeKat, Zendy, Luna, Lady Cocoa, Lulu, Perry, Sham Rocker, Cutchiecoo/Cutch, Penny, Foofoo and Aeris.

Just as I had finished opening my presents all my guests had arrived for the party, so I showed them to the party room.

 AJ, on the right


 aXel, in the middle


 Bolt, to the left

 Cutchiecoo; Cutch for short, to the right

 Foofoo, to the right

 geechiecat, in the middle


 Kal-Chan, in the middle

 Kitty, to the left



 MommeeKat, in the middle

 Penny, to the left

 Perry to the left

 Pinky to the right

 Sativa to the left

 Sham Rocker to the left


 Snowy (he came a day early hence why I am not in birthday outfit in this picture)

 Trevor (sighing again)

 Zendy complete with flies on the left

Everyone agreed it was a good party, but later that week sent boxes of love to everyone who sent me a present as a thank you.  I am totally exhausted now so I been resting after such a huge party, just glad Halloween is 2 months away since that's the next party I will throw.

That is all for, and thanks again for reading my blog.

Toodle Pip


  1. What a great party it was! biz was honoured to take part, and we both wish kibbles many more happy years. Can't wait for the Halloween party xxxx

  2. Oh no, during the whole commotion of Kibbles party Trevor forgot to get Kibbles a real present! (and not just a kiss) :( wha-whoops. lol

    >.<; Trevors mad at me right now because I never took him shopping for one beforehand, but he says hell make up for it :) <3

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  4. I'm a bad friend. I was having so much fun at Kibbles party that I forgot to take a picture.