Sunday, 22 August 2010



In my page called About Me, I tell you about my petlings however since then I brought a few more petlings and this entry is about them.  What they eat, enjoy doing which is eating! I own two cats, a dog, a dragon, a lion, a leopard, a bear and a pegasus.  My owner has told me the explanation behind their names since each name as a personal meaning to her.

My first petling I will introduce you to is one of my two cats, she is called Tibz and she keeps me in company in my bedroom however she has her own basket since she's not allowed to sleep on my bed.

 Tibz; after a friend's cat.

Now we come to my dragon petling called Hydra and she lives in the back garden.

 Hydra; after the Hydra the water dragon in Greek Mythology who Hercules slew as part of his 12 labours and according to my owner; my beloved Vampy's (He was Vamp Boy but his owner changed his name) owner is Greek so I guess that's her way of putting some Greek in my life. 

Next we come to the kitchen where my next petling lives which is a lion but don't worry he's tame and won't bite. He's called Leon.


Now we are in the beach room, where Bob the dog petling lives since he loves water.

 Bob; she couldn't think of any other name for the dog hence why he's stuck with Bob.

Now we come to my flora and fauna room where my second cat lives and he's called Marmalade.  However all my petlings have been neutered since I don't want any baby petlings.

 Marmalade; simply because he's ginger/orange and that's the colour of marmalade!

Now we are in my study where my bear, he's tame too like my lion and he's called Fizz.

 Fizz; after the white polar bears used in the Coke Cola Christmas adverts.

In my pink spare bedroom, this is my pegasus petling lives and she's called Fledge however she may have wings but she can't fly.

  Fledge; named after the flying horse in the book: The Magician's Nephew - the first book in The Chronicles of Narnia.

Please be careful as we climb up my treetop resort, this is where my leopard lives, he spooks ever so easily and he's called Neve.

 Neve; which is Italian for snow since he's white like a snow leopard.

That's all my petlings and sheesh it's a nightmare to feed all 8 but helps they are all in different rooms.

Toodle Pip


  1. All your petlings are so cute. I think that Marmalade is my favourite cause I love the colour.