Tuesday, 24 August 2010



I had a few jobs whilst living in Pet Society Town since I have fund my shopping fix, rent, feeding my petlings, buying presents for my friends etc. My first job was a wedding planner which was so much fun, designing rooms for the happy couple. Below is one of the rooms I designed for a couple however I had fun hopping from seat to seat checking they were comfy (that's my excuse!) but my boss caught me and as a result I lost that fun job.

 Wedding Room

I went to local playing field with few of my friends to play football (soccer to any American readers), then this random pet comes up to me asking me if I would be interested in playing football professionally. I guess he must of been a football scout so I said sure but I gave that up because of constant press intrusion.  

 Me practising football

Then I brought this diner with my money from being a footballer since it looked run down and needed a spruce (spruce up = redecorating) up.  Once I spruced the diner up, it really started hopping (hopping = getting busy) however it was exhausting to keep it running so I put it up for sale and I got a good offer for it.

 Kibbles' (my former diner) Diner

Then I saw this job for a Holiday Rep being advertised so I went for that however it was only a seasonal job but I managed to go on a Cruise, Middle East and Africa however whilst in Africa I visited my cousin, Jake.

Middle East



Then I started my second own business as a Party Planner but turned out no one needed a Party Planner so the only party I planned was my own.

 Party Room

Hopefully third time lucky, I set up my own business again which is running a Fast Food Restaurant so far so good that is getting busy but we shall wait and see - not getting my hopes up.

 Fast Food Restaurant

I better get back to work since I don't want or need unhappy customers.

Toodle Pip


  1. Hey luvenia here!! hehe! i really admire kibbles for not giving up! awesome attitude!

    btw, i loved the way u decorated the rooms<3 lovely! i especially love the wedding room but i dont have that many tables to do that haha! it really looks like a real reception!

  2. HI Laura Dear guess who Denise has joined the crowd after much nagging from her after seeing Kibbles blog she had to have her own. Please subscribe she is throwing a tantrum the brat she is by not having any followers :D