Wednesday, 1 September 2010

CC Items


My mummy, used the last of her money to let me have some real cash coins (CC) so I could buy the enchanted mirror (which I put in my bathroom) and new LE CC item which was a tree seed and maybe a fairytale mystery box since there was a little prince bundle inside but 4 girl outfits so she told me not to buy one so I didn't.

 The seed I brought

 Enchanted Mirror

So I planted my seed but I wanted to the tree to be fully grown so I toddled back to Garden Centre and brought an instant tree fertilizer, then caught bus home, then ran straight to secret garden and poured the fertilizer on my tree so now it's fully grown and don't have to wait 3 days.  Yes, yes I know I'm impatient but me wanted the tree.

 Tree without golden apples.

After those three purchases, I was left with 6 CC but promised my mummy to save my money but a few days later (today, Wednesday) it was my mummy's birthday so dressed up for her and put on party hat for her.  My friends sent me a few cakes as well as the dancing figurine.

 Isn't she pretty? Me likes pretty things.

My mummy said I could buy a Fairytale Mystery Box to see if we were lucky to get the little prince bundle and you will never believe we got the very one I wanted so my mummy was very happy for me.

Little Prince Bundle Bag - shame I couldn't keep the bag -sighs-

I am currently wearing the little prince outfit and my owner took a picture and that's below.

 Little Prince Kibbles

Toodle Pip

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