Thursday, 5 August 2010

My House Part 2; Floor 2

Welcome back to Kibbles' guided tour of my humble abode! -giggling-

Is everyone ready for the tour to carry on, please remember to keep your hands to yourself and no stealing!

Here is the kitchen before I had a little accident (read blog entry; Disaster Zone);

My kitchen now and look its Leon the lion sitting in front of his basket however at least he's not on top of fridge;

Please do keep up because we have one more floor, then my extra rooms I asked the builders to put in since I needed more room and then we have the secret rooms so shhhh; you didn't see them. -smiles and winks at you.-

Next we have the old version of the beach but I am sad to say that got destroyed by a freak occurence; which I can't remembered what happened to it(my owner says may the souls that lost they lives in the Tsunami on Boxing Day 2004 find peace) so I had had redo the beach so the first one you see is how it used to be and the second picture is how it is now. 

 Old Beach

 New Beach; complete with Fizz the bear

Now to the final room of this floor, which is the flora and fauna room and I'm especially proud of this room since it's so pretty with the flowers etc and meet Marmalade; my other cat.

That's the second floor complete, so we will carry on in a few to the third floor then the extra big rooms and lastly the secret rooms.

Toodle Pip

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