Thursday, 5 August 2010

My House Part 3; Floor 3

Hello again!

I guess we are all ready for the tour again to commence again, let's get moving again! Here we are at my room of stuff that Hideeni gives out that are collections.

The next room we come to is my personal gym/study since I have a threadmill in there as well a laptop which where I am currently typing this blog entry and Bob (my dog) is sitting under the desk.

The last but least room is Vamp Boy's bedroom; have 2 spare bedrooms since I have two beloved people stay over and if your wondering who that blue creature is, that is Fledge; my pegeaus - he is very special since he's very rare and special plus he cost me a fortune to buy him however he was worth it.

The last room on this floor is above us so mind out whilst I pull out the ladder to the attic.  It contains my hot air balloon, trophy collection, my everlasting jack o lanterns and supposed reliable teleporter since it is suppose to take you to friend's houses or somewhere random however I used it a while back and ended back in my living room so was very disgruntled at that!

Now we will only have the extra big rooms and secret rooms which are another 2 blog entries so stay tuned!

Toodle Pip


  1. Did the teleporter really take you to your living room? that's so funny.

  2. Sadly, it did Kooki and I was not impressed!