Thursday, 5 August 2010

My House Part 4; Extra Big Rooms

Welcome back again soon, I had these 6 extra big rooms built by the builders because I needed the extra space plus was running out of room in my normal sized rooms!

The first two extra big rooms you come to are my personal walk in wardrobes and as you can see I own lots of clothes, shoes etc. Oi, kid! Put my wig down. Didn't I say at least once to keep your hands to yourself??!! Good gracious, bad manners.

 Wardrobe 1

 Wardrobe 2

The following two extra big rooms are my collection of plushies and my aquarium but you can only look through door for aquarium since I have only one scuba suit and we can get the final two extra big rooms through the plushie room.

 All of my plushies


Here we come to the final two extra big rooms; which are my vacation room at moment is a Cruise but has been a Safari and Arabian Nights but you will see pictures of all 3 vacations.  The last room of all the extra big rooms varies however at moment it is my diner for my friends and family to use. It has been a wedding reception room and a football pitch in celebration of the World Cup however there will be pictures of them too.

Vacation Room:



 Arabian Nights

Room that changes regularly according to my mood in that moment in time

 Wedding Reception

 Football Pitch (Vamp Boy took this picture since I was busy playing football)

 My 50s style diner

That's all the extra big rooms, will be relieved to hear that it is only the secret rooms left and remember there are secret.

Toodle Pip


  1. Trevor notices the lack of pink and dresses in Kibbles wardrobe... he frowns upon this :( <3

  2. Kibbles has so many wigs which one is his favourite?

  3. The bob one is my day to day where as when i'm practising with the band; i put on my long hair wig because it looks better with my rock boy outfit!

  4. is this some kind of computer game?